Panipuri Masala
Blended Spices
Pani Puri Masala is a readily available spice blend to make pani puri. Pani puri is popular street food throughout India. In different parts of India They are known by different names like golgappas, puchkas, etc. They are made by stuffing puris, i.e hollow fried balls made of wheat flour which are stuffed with potatoes and filled with pani that is flavoured with herbs and spices like mint and ginger. Pani for pani puri can be made as spicy or as sweet as wanted according to taste.Pani puri is eaten during mostly between meals as a snack or can even be included in a chaat theme party.

Preparation of the pani for the pani puri requires the perfect blend of spices which are balanced in flavour like asafoetida, dry mango powder, black pepper, cumin, chilli, black salt, tamarind,ginger and many more. In order to overcome these difficulties of blending these spices in the correct proportions, readymade pani puri masala has been developed availaible in grocery shops and food shops under various Indian brand, which can just be added to the water to make the flavourful blend to fill the puris.
With this readymade masala, Pani Puri can be easily made within minutes. Enjoy the magic of the street food at home with this ready-made pani puri masala.